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Private Jet Solutions Management

Private Flight Advisors provides Jet Solutions Management to a diverse group of clients, including aircraft owners, jet card members, fractional owners, and jet charter users. We believe that jet card, fractional, and outright ownership solutions can be very effective in certain cases. As industry veterans, PFA’s advisors are well versed in these models and even helped develop some of them. However, we also know the limitations of these programs.

It is from this knowledge that Private Flight Advisors executive team designed its unique Jet Solutions Management program, which leverages a portfolio of private jet options for clients. Clients that limit themselves to a single private jet provider are not achieving the optimum level of value and service. Private Flight Advisors can help you manage a portfolio of private jet solutions and save you significant time, resources, and money

Our Private Jet Solutions Management will:

  • Reduce the annual cost of your private jet flights while adding the value of a true “Private Client” experience.
  • Assess your needs to determine if your current options deliver the best solution. For example, we often find clients are paying a premium for card or membership programs that deliver no additional value over other available options.
  • Provide access to a wide-range of options and aircraft. Unlike other services, you won’t be limited to a narrow selection of resources.
  • Create a seamless private jet experience from a variety of resources so that you can focus on getting to your destination in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Treat your needs with the individual attention they deserve. A business flight to New York for you and your financial advisor is not the same as bringing your family to the Caribbean for a vacation.
  • Assign to you a Senior Jet Advisor who develops an overall private jet solutions strategy. For each flight, the Senior Advisor prepares a series of flight options, including the cost from your current program, and provides a recommendation to you as a client.

With more than 20 years of private flight management experience, PFA’s executive team has developed this unique program of providing a portfolio of private flight solutions, tailored to each client’s needs. Each Jet Management Solutions client is assigned a Senior Advisor who develops an overall private flight strategy. For each flight, the Senior Advisor, prepares a detailed series of options and provides a recommendation to the client.

At PFA, we don’t limit you to one provider, type of jet, or strategy. Our experienced advisors provide one-on-one assistance to facilitate the entire process. We are available by phone or email to answer any questions that arise. All of our advisors and Managed Solutions portfolios are overseen by the PFA executive team.

We help you maximize the enjoyment and value of all your private flight travel while also ensuring you avoid any pitfalls. While we may manage hundreds of flights in a year, our goal remains the same: To deliver you the best service and the best value, one flight at a time.